A new step to help the planet

The electric vehicle charging service

It is no mystery how much the Metropol Hotel has always been attentive to the environment and how over the years it has invested to implement activities that reduce the environmental impact of the hotel and to safeguard nature.

One of the most important initiatives is the photovoltaic system in 2010 that makes the hotel completely self-sufficient, then joining the Doccia Light project allowed water savings of 50% without sacrificing comfort and well-being, in fact the installation of water economizers in the hotel showers made it possible to reduce water consumption.

There are many initiatives taken to reduce waste, cut consumption and try to respect the environment and protect it, the last idea, realized this year, it was the charging service for electric cars with Mennekes Type 2 socket up to a power of 11 KW!

The latest data on the diffusion of electric cars tell us to be growing strongly, more than expected, they even should reach one third of vehicles on the world market by 2025, in short, the future of the automobile looks to be electric, and the Metropol hotel, sensitive to these issues, it immediately decided to invest to give its customers a unique and exclusive service for recharging their own electric cars.


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