The eco-friendly project

doccia-lightFor years the hotel Metropol has engaged to protecting the environment and for the reduction of consumption, waste and polluting agents.
In 2010,the hotel made an important investment in the implementation of a great photovoltaic system
that makes the structure completely self-supporting and zero impact.
But the hotel Metropol has not stopped here, always more engaged in the battle for environmental ethics, the hotel focused on water saving, joining the Doccia Light Project and its eco-system.
Water economizers were installed in all showers of the hotel to reduce waste
in this way, without sacrificing comfort and well-being, the consumption of water and energy to heat it was reduced by 50%.

The Low Flow shower head allows you to mix the water with air particles reducing the shower spray and keeping the comfort.

Projects realized in 2015

There are many initiatives to make our planet a better place for us and for our future generations, and the hotel Metropol, aware of the responsibility we all have, decides to invest each year in improving the performance of the hotel to make it more efficient and eco-friendly and offer an even better vacation experience for its guests.
So, in 2015 we made a new investment to replace about 80% of the current bulbs with new LED light points. The Light Emitted Diode system allows you to save 80-90% energy than ordinary halogen bulbs, it is the evolution of the lighting system, because in addition to saving energy they do not contain hazardous substances or pollutants.

If with your holiday you want help the planet wellbeing, make a conscious ethical choice, choose the hotel Metropol where in addition to a holiday of relaxation and well-being you will also find an eco-friendly hotel.