This information (the Information) is provided pursuant to Reg. (EU) 679/2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR), contains information on the processing of personal data that are collected by Hotel Metropol Sas S.a.s. (the Company) and describes how to use it. The information is supplementary to any other information received in other circumstances and contains important information on the following:


By visiting this Website, managed by Hotel Metropol S.a.s. (Website), by using its services or interacting with the Company, you confirm that you have read and understood this Information and accept that the Company uses, stores, transmits and discloses the personal data collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
If you do not accept the conditions of this Notice, please do not visit or use the Hotel Metropol S.a.s. website, do not send personal data to the Company and do not provide your consent when this option is offered to you in accordance with the regulations in force.


In this Notice, the term "Personal Data" is used with reference to any information that allows the Company to identify you (or to identify a third party whose data you provide), directly or indirectly, including any information related to the purchase of services, or who chooses to communicate to the Company or to share with it while using the Website managed by Hotel Metropol Sas (structure).
The processing of personal data will take place in accordance with the GDPR also through the use of automated tools.
The Company reserves the right to carry out further data processing, where required by law or in the context of criminal or other investigations or proceedings.


Origin of the data
The Company collects your personal data only where it voluntarily provides it, for example:

By making a request for a quote, asking for information, contacting the Company by sending a comment or a question, confirming or completing your reservation, subscribing to the Newsletter of Hotel Metropol S.a.s. by email.

Email, SMS and other electronic messages
By exchanging communications with the Company.

Customer Care
Asking for assistance, representing special needs or reporting anomalies in the provision of services.

Tourist facility
By filling in the documents presented during the check-in phase, interacting with the staff, reporting anomalies on the services provided or evaluating them, requesting or purchasing services.

By requesting to connect to the property's Wi-Fi network.

By participating in events, surveys, market research and other promotions, including online reserved for the customers of Hotel Metropol S.a.s..

Video surveillance system at the tourist facility
For the purposes of protecting customers, personnel and company assets.

Types of data
The Company may collect and use different types of personal data according to the specific purposes pursued and described below:

  1. personal information, such as name, surname, age / date of birth, place of birth, details of the identity document;
  2. contact information, such as residential address, email address, telephone number, mobile number;
  3. payment information, such as payment instruments (credit or debit card, bank transfer, etc.) and related data;
  4. information relating to the services purchased, such as structure and date of stay, details of the services booked and relative amounts, evaluation of the services provided, complaints, refunds, travel companies or other information relating to the services requested and that the regulations in force allow us to collect;
  5. habits and profiles, such as data regarding the services booked (booking history, including accommodation, services booked and related amounts), information on activities and initiatives relating to the management of customer relations (date and categories of such actions carried out or by achieve and their results), notes on purchasing habits or special needs, other information that current regulations allow to collect;
  6. information relating to the family and the members of the same booking, such as number of children, dates of birth and other data that the regulations in force allow to collect;
  7. navigation data;


    Depending on the specific circumstances in which the interaction with the Company took place, personal data could be used for the following purposes:

3.1 Booking of the stay and provision of the booked services
The personal data communicated and collected during the booking phase during the stay or even subsequently, both online and interacting with our Customer Service or even at the accommodation facility - i.e. personal data, contact information, data regarding booked services, tax data, payment details, special requests, reports on the services used and any other data strictly necessary both for the provision of the booked services and for the management of the contractual relationship, even in the post-sale phase - will be used to fulfill the current regulatory, accounting and tax obligations and for purposes related to the mutual obligations deriving from the contractual relationship (e.g. to assist you with reservations, including future ones, to offer you upgrade services, to provide the requested services, to meet your needs during your stay , to process the reports you have made, to set up an account detailed, to send you useful information relating to your stay in the days preceding your arrival via instant messaging services or by sms, telephone or email).
The processing of your personal data for these purposes does not require consent as it is necessary to fulfill legal obligations and the execution of the residence contract, any refusal could make it impossible to host it (for example with reference to the data reported on the identity document) or the impossibility of providing the requested services.

3.2 For the specific purposes for which the data were provided voluntarily
Your personal data provided or collected when you request a specific service (for example requesting a quote, representing needs, asking for information, subscribing to the Newsletter, submitting complaints) - i.e. personal, contact information and data strictly necessary to follow up on the request - will be used for:

  1. provide the requested services (for example, respond to a question or request for contact, provide information, organize the requested service, assist you and manage any complaints);
  2. send you a quote, provide you with clarifications and complete the sale;
  3. allow the use of the wi-fi network;
  4. allow participation in initiatives reserved for customers;

In such cases it is necessary to provide personal data for the aforementioned purposes and the refusal would make it impossible to follow up on your request.

3.3 For marketing purposes
Your personal contact details such as name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, landline and mobile telephone number, date of birth, structure and year of stay, may be used to contact you by telephone or send to your home or the e-mail address or via text message, even in an automated way, information, offers, discounts, periodic documentation - including advertising and also published and sent by third parties (for example by means of periodical publications) - on products and services in one's own interest or other companies. These data will also be used to send you multimedia products and wishes for the holidays and birthday of the family members.
Further, your data may be used to include you among the recipients of the News Hotel Metropol S.a.s..
The consent to the processing of such personal data referred to above is optional and any refusal will make it impossible to communicate commercial information.
You may, at any time, exercise the right of opposition pursuant to art. 21 GDPR by writing an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and in any case when sending any communication by clicking on the appropriate link.

3.4 For profiling activities aimed at the formulation of personalized commercial offers
The personal data provided at the time of booking and / or check-in, such as personal data, residence and contact details, stay choices (eg period, structure, booked holiday formula), those that we can acquire during the stay itself (e.g. specific requests or needs, evaluations on our services, notes on purchasing habits and use of services) or even subsequently (e.g. customer care questionnaires), may be used subject to your express and specific consent, for direct profiling to the formulation of offers and customized commercial initiatives in line with your interests as well as to the personalization of our services based on the preferences expressed by you.
The consent for profiling activities is optional and its failure to provide it does not prevent the normal use of all our services.

3.5 For customer care purposes
The processing of data relating to the booking together with the data collected in the context of customer care activities, including after sales (e.g. administration of questionnaires and surveys in the structure, sending the service satisfaction questionnaire by email, etc.) , is carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest to manage complaints, detect customer satisfaction, guarantee a fixed and constant information reference for the guest, identify solutions and areas for improvement.

3.6 For security purposes
Outside the facilities, video surveillance activities are carried out on the basis of legitimate interest aimed at protecting the safety of customers, staff and company assets.

3.7 To verify the correct functioning of the website
To verify the correct functioning of the website

3.8 For sending news
Your e-mail address provided by filling in the appropriate form will be used to manage the sending of news. The treatment is based on consent.


The personal data provided will not be disseminated, unless required by law or expressly authorized, and may be disclosed to subjects who:

These companies, entities and organizations will only receive the personal data necessary to carry out the agreed services or to fulfill legal obligations and will not be authorized to use them for any other purpose. The Company may also communicate your personal data to third parties where required by current legislation (e.g. public security authorities, local authorities), in the event of legal proceedings, in response to a request from the police that is based on legitimate grounds, to protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of the Company or the public. Furthermore, to the extent permitted by law, the Company may disclose personal data to third parties in the event of complaints relating to the use of the Websites or the wi-fi network, where deemed necessary to investigate, prevent or adopt measures regarding illegal activities and fraud. suspicious. The complete list of designated data processors and third parties to whom the data is disclosed can be obtained using the contacts indicated in this statement.

Transfer of data to non-EU countries
Should it be necessary to transfer personal data abroad in order to pursue the aforementioned purposes, the transfer of personal data will be carried out in compliance with the guarantees provided by law.


The Website is aimed at a general public, however its services are intended for persons aged 18 or over. The Company does not request, collect, use and deliberately disclose personal data provided by persons under the age of 18 online or at the tourist facility, unless required by law.
If you are not of the required age, please do not make online reservations and ask an adult (i.e. your parents or guardian) to carry out the necessary procedures.


The processing of personal data will be carried out only by authorized personnel and by any external subjects specifically appointed as data processors and will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, will take place both on computer and paper support and in order to guarantee adequate security of the your personal data from unauthorized or unlawful processing and from loss, destruction or accidental damage, through appropriate technical and organizational measures.
In the unlikely event that the Company deems that the security of your personal data in its possession or under its control has been or may have been compromised, it will inform you of the incident in the manner prescribed by the law in force, using the methods it controls.


At any time and free of charge, by writing an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by sending a request to Hotel Metropol S.a.s. Lungomare Leonardo Da Vinci 11, 60019 Senigallia (AN), may request access to your data, rectification or cancellation of the same or limitation of processing; he may also receive his personal electronic data in a structured and commonly used machine-readable format and transmit them to another data controller (data portability).
Requests for deletion of data are subject to current legal obligations and the conservation of documents imposed on the Company.
You also have the right to withdraw consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given prior to the withdrawal.
Even only with specific regard to profiling, you can exercise all the rights expressed in this document, opposing, among other things, further profiling of your data.
Exercising the right to object to receiving communications using automated tools makes it impossible to receive communications even in a non-automated way. If you believe that there is a problem in the methods of managing your personal data, you will have the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data as a supervisory authority according to the established procedures.


Taking into account the purposes for which they were collected, the fulfillment of legal obligations or the protection of the rights of the Data Controller, these data will be kept for a period not exceeding that necessary (e.g. 10 years for accounting purposes, for the duration of the storage obligation for tax purposes, for the time necessary to respond to your requests and no later than the sending of the text message in case of non-response to your call, until the end of the requested stay in the case of a quote, or, in the case of treatments for marketing purposes, registration in the News Hotel Metropol Sas until revoked and in any case no later than 10 years from the last request and, at the expiry of this term, they will be deleted or permanently anonymised), or to allow the Company to maintain evidence of their respective rights and obligations.
Finally, we inform you that the data collected for profiling purposes for commercial purposes in the terms indicated will be kept for a maximum period of two years, at the end of which they will be automatically deleted or made definitively anonymous, except for the requirements imposed by current legislation. The consent to the processing you have given will remain valid until revoked and will in any case allow processing with reference to data collected within two years.


For any further information, you can contact the Data Controller, Hotel Metropol S.a.s. Lungomare Leonardo Da Vinci 11, 60019 Senigallia (AN) or to the Data Protection Officer, by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by writing to: Data Protection Officer - Lungomare Leonardo Da Vinci 11, 60019 Senigallia (AN) .


The Company, at its discretion, reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete parts of this Privacy Policy at any time, by publishing the revised version on this page of the Website.
In some cases, the Company may provide further communications relating to significant changes to this Privacy Policy by posting a notice on the home page of this Website.
We therefore invite you to visit this page regularly to view any updates.
If the changes involve new or additional treatments that require the consent of the interested party and in any case in the cases provided for by current legislation, your personal data will not be subject to further processing without your explicit consent.