47 years of passion for hospitality

It has been over 45 years since we started this wonderful adventure, and this is how the Metropol Hotel looked like in 1973. This beautiful vintage photo shows you how we started many years ago, with a lot of enthusiasm and a great desire to do and this desire has actually grown year by year. We have always sought the best for our guests, we have never stopped, until we achieve at the hotel you all know today!

We have made many improvements over time including 2 pools, one for children and one for adults, we have installed a big jacuzi for up to 10 people. We then surrounded the solarium area with palm trees and flowers to create an oasis of greenery and coolness, a relaxing environment during the day that in the evening turns into an ideal place for aperitifs!

  1. Before
  2. After

For the total comfort of our guests we have created a private parking area accessible with a code, to give you maximum freedom of movement. Recently, we made the hotel eco-friendly, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels that allow the structure to be autonomous in the production of electricity.
We are proudly the first zero-impact hotel in Senigallia, moreover the system allows a saving of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere of about 50 tons per year.

Our unstoppable spirit pushes us to always try to improve and offer you news. We love our job and our greatest satisfaction is to see you come back every year!